Labscroll Medicals Ltd  

                           Committed towards a better health


  • Labscroll Medicals (Pty) Ltd is a medical Diagnostic, forensic & consultancy company which  was incorporated in 2008  and have since then grown into many regions of the world especially in Africa.
  • Labscroll medical with its unique scientific styles and approach, serves the mines, educational institutions, Health facilities etc 
  • Through our network of medical scientists, we undertake Laboratory tests and investigations making us your dependable ally in workplace/ occupational health screening programs such as Food handlers tests, Drug of abuse screening and other related wellness program with our team of experienced forensic consultants, we undertake scene of incident investigation thereby aiding the law enforcement agents with needed tools to unravel crimes.


Our Innovative techniques are an on-going feature of research and professional expertise which enables us to provide quality advice and guidance, which effectively controls cost, eliminates waste and maximises efficiency.

We believe that products should be augmented by first class support material, which is an integral part of the laboratory and medical  business in the present day.  Therefore, we  ensure that relevant articles, as well as health educational  material are readily available to all our customers to form a solid support base.


We specializes  in  Diagnosis, Research, forensic and consultancy services.

Our sales department supply state of the art medical, laboratory and research materials to hospitals, Research institutes and Educational center with a robust accompanying  support system.